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Function Synopsis

[Chrom] = initbp(Nind, VarLength)

Help text

 CReaTe an initial Binary Population

 This function creates a binary population of given size
 (Nind x VarLength).

 Syntax: [Chrom] = initbp(Nind, VarLength)

 Input Parameters:
    Nind      - Scalar containing the number of individuals (of rows)
                to create.
    VarLength - Scalar or vector containing the length of the individuals.
                scalar: length of the whole individual
                vector: length of each variable of individual
                        (length of the individual will be sum(VarLength))

 Output Parameters:
    Chrom     - A matrix containing the random valued individuals 
                one row per individual.

 See also: initrp, initip, initpp, initpop, bindecod, bin2real, bin2int, mutbin

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