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asknondomAsk for the percentage of non-dominated individuals in a population

bin2intBINary string to INTeger string conversion
bin2realBINary string to REAL vector conversion
bindecodBINary DECODing to binary, integer or real numbers

chkboundCHecK the boundaries of variables and set to boundaries when outside
colbestindCollect best individuals during an optimization run
compdivCOMPute DIVerse things of GEA Toolbox
competeCOMPETition between subpopulations
complocCOMPute LOCal model things of toolbox
compplotCOMPute PLOT things of GEA Toolbox

deblankallRemove leading and trailing Spaces from string or cell array of strings
demoauto1SCRipt for optimizing Lateral control auto 1
demobin1DEMO for optimizing a simple binary function
democantileverDEMO for multiobjective optimization of cantilever beam system
demodebconstrDEMO for testing DEB's MO function
demodopiDemo for optimizing the double integrator (dynamic SL/SF system)
demofun1DEMO for optimizing 'De Jong's function 1
demofun1cmpDEMO for optimizing 'De Jong's function 1 with competing strategies
demofun2Demo for optimizing ROSENBROOK's valey (banana function) 2 using Evolution Strategy
demofunbbDEMO for optimizing special Var2ObjV assignments
demogeatbxDEMO for GEATbx, standard functions
demointeger1DEMO for optimizing integer variables/representation 1
demojssp1DEMO for optimizing JSSP problem
demomopDEMO function for multiobjective optimization including many examples
demoobjfunDEMO for optimizing standard objective functions
demosgaDEMO for the Simple Genetic Algorithm
demotermDEMO for testing the termination options
demotsplibDEMO for optimizing 'TSP Library' examples
demovrpDEMO for optimizing 'Vehicle routing problems'

expandmEXPAND a Matrix, utility function
expandvecThis function replicates a vector vec

fieldnames_fullCreate cell array with all full fieldnames of given structure
fieldnames_partsDecompose long/full fieldnames into their parts
findfilesFind Files regarding a search mask
findfilesupFind Files upwards the directory structure regarding a search mask
fitdistcFITness DISTance Correlation computation

geamain2MAIN function for Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm toolbox for matlab
geanumindCalculate number of subpopulations and individuals for GEATbx
geaobjparaGet special data from objective function (boundaries, function name, ...)
geaoptloadLOAD OPTions from a text file
geaoptprintPrint GEAOPTions structure of GEA Toolbox nicely formatted into a string
geaoptsaveSAVE a GEAOPTions structure to a matlab file
geaoptsetCreate/alters GEAOPTions structure for parameter SETtings of GEA Toolbox
gearunstatusPrints RUN STATUS of GEA Toolbox nicely formatted into a string
GEATbxReleaseNotesRelease Notes of the GEATbx
graf_mshCreate search space visualizations of objective functions

hdrloadHDRLOAD Load data from an ASCII file containing a text header.

initbpCReaTe an initial Binary Population
initdopiINITialzation function for DOuble Integrator objdopi
initfun1INITialzation function for de jong's FUNction 1
initipCReaTe an initial (Integer value) Population
initpopINITialization of POPulation (including innoculation)
initppCreate an INITial Permutation Population
initrpINITialize an Real value Population
inteulIntegration of ODE's using EULER's formula
intrk4INtegration of ODE's using RUNGE-KUTTA-formula 4

lectcmd1CoMmanDs for LECTure for live introduction of EA optimization
loadsaveLOADing of data from a file and SAVing these data and more to the same file

menutextGenerate a text menu of choices for user input (no graphical menu)
meshvarCreate search space visualizations (one- and two dimensional slices) of objective functions
migrateMIGRATion of individuals between subpopulations
mobjbahinconstrMultiObjective Problem (constrained): BAHIN's constrained function
mobjbelegunduMultiObjective Function: BELEGUNDU's function (constrained)
mobjcantileverObjective function for multiobjective cantilever beam system
mobjdebconstrMultiObjective Problem (constrained): DEB's constrained function
mobjdtlz1MultiObjective Function: Deb, Thiele, Zitzler, Laumanns' multiobjective function 1
mobjdtlz2MultiObjective Function: Deb, Thiele, Zitzler, Laumanns' multiobjective function 2
mobjdtlz3MultiObjective Function: Deb, Thiele, Zitzler, Laumanns' multiobjective function 3
mobjfonseca1Multi-OBJective function: FONSECA's MO-function 1
mobjfonseca2Multi-OBJective function: FONSECA's MO-function 2
mobjkitaMultiObjective Function: KITA's function (constrained)
mobjquagliarellaMultiObjective Problem: QUAGLIARELLA's function
mobjrandobjv1MultiObjective Problem: Pohlheim-Bagot random-valued multi-objective function 1
mobjsolandMultiOBJective function for SOLAND function (constrains as objectives)
mutatehigh level MUTATion function
mutbinMUTation for BINary representation
mutbmdreal value Mutation like Discrete Breeder genetic algorithm
mutcombMUTation for combinatorial problems
mutes1MUTation by Evolutionary Strategies 1, derandomized Self Adaption
mutes2MUTation by Evolutionary Strategies 2, derandomized self adaption
mutexchMUTation by eXCHange
mutintMUTation for INTeger representation
mutinvertMUTation by INVERTing variables
mutmoveMUTation by MOVEing variables
mutrandMUTation RANDom
mutrandbinMUTation RANDom of binary variables
mutrandintMUTation RANDom of integer variables
mutrandpermMUTation RANDom of binary variables
mutrandrealMUTation RANDom of real variables
mutrealreal value Mutation like Discrete Breeder genetic algorithm
mutswapMUTation by SWAPping variables
mutswaptypMUTation by SWAPping variables of identical type

obj4wingsOBJective function FOUR-WINGS.
objauto2OBJective function for lateral AUTO controller system 2
objbranOBJective function for BRANin rcos function
objdopiOBJective function for DOuble Integrator
objeasoOBJective function for EASom function
objfletwellOBJective function after FLETcher and PoWELL
objfractalOBJective function Fractal Mandelbrot
objfun1OBJective function for de jong's FUNction 1
objfun10OBJective function for ackley`s path FUNction 10
objfun11OBJective function for langermann's function 11
objfun12OBJective function for michalewicz's function 12
objfun168OBJective function as combination of 3 standard obj. functions
objfun1aOBJective function for axis parallel hyper-ellipsoid
objfun1bOBJective function for rotated hyper-ellipsoid
objfun1cOBJective function for moved axis parallel hyper ellipsoid 1c
objfun2OBJective function for rosenbrock's FUNction
objfun6OBJective function for rastrigins FUNction 6
objfun7OBJective function for schwefel's FUNction
objfun8OBJective function for griewangk's FUNction
objfun9OBJective function for sum of different power FUNction 9
objfunoptsetCreate/alter OPTions structure for parameter SETtings of OBJective FUNctions
objgoldOBJective function for GOLDstein-price function
objharvOBJective function for HARVest problem
objint1OBJective function for INT function 1
objint2OBJective function for INT function 1
objint3OBJective function for INT function 3
objint4OBJective function for INT function 4
objlinqOBJective function for discrete LINear Quadratic problem
objlinq2OBJective function for LINear Quadratic problem 2
objlive1OBJective function 1 for live introduction of EA optimization in lecture
objlive2OBJective function 1 for live introduction of EA optimization in lecture
objone1OBJective function for ONEmax function 1
objpushOBJective function for PUSH-cart problem
objridgeOBJective function RIDGE
objsharifi1OBJective function for 5-x1^2-2*x2^2-x1
objsixhOBJective function for SIX Hump camelback function
objswtest1OBJective function for de jong's FUNction 1
objteststr1OBJective function: Structure Testing AND
objtsp1OBJective function for the traveling salesman example
objtsplibOBJective function for the traveling salesman library
objvrpOBJective function for the vehicle routing problem

paraoptexampleCreate/alter PARAOPTions structure
paraoptloadLOAD PARAOPTions from a text file
paraoptpropexampleCreate a default PARAOPTions cell array containing the definition of possible options
paraoptsaveSAVE a PARAOPTions structure to a text or matlab file
paraoptsetCreate/alter PARAOPTions structure
path_geaSet all paths for the GEA toolbox (Matlab search path)
plotautoPLOTing of AUTO lateral control results
plotdopiPLOTing of DO(Ppel)uble Integration results
plotmeshPLOT of objective functions as MESH Plot
plotmopPLOT properties of MultiObjective functions
plotobjfunPLOTing of OBJective FUNction data during optimization
plotstdchange appearance of PLOT in a STanDard way
plottsplibPLOTing of results of TSP optimization (TSPLIB examples)
plotvrpPLOTing of results of VRP optimization
prprintfPretty Print formated of variable

rankgoalperform goal preference calculation between multiple objective values
rankingRANK-based fitness assignment, single and multi objective, linear and nonlinear
rankpltRANK two multi objective values Partially Less Than
rankshareSHARing between individuals
recdisRECombination DIScrete
recdpRECombination Double Point
recdprsRECombination Double Point with Reduced Surrogate
recgpRECombination Generalized Position
recintRECombination extended INTermediate
reclinRECombination extended LINe
reclinexEXtended LINe RECombination
recmpRECombination Multi-Point, low level function
recombinhigh level RECOMBINation function
recpmRECombination Partial Matching
recshRECombination SHuffle
recshrsRECombination SHuffle with Reduced Surrogate
recspRECombination Single Point
recsprsRECombination Single Point with Reduced Surrogate
reinshigh-level RE-INSertion function
reinslocRE-INSertion of offspring in population replacing parents LOCal
reinsregREINSertion of offspring in REGional population model replacing parents
repREPlicate a matrix, utility function
res_auto_good_1different best results from optimizations
reslookLOOK at saved RESults
reslook2LOOK at saved RESults
reslook2sLOOK at saved GEATbx binary RESults 2 (plot)
resplotRESult PLOTing of GEA Toolbox optimization

samaddAdd new highdimensional points to an existing Sammon-Map using Distance Mapping
samdataCollection of example data for sammon mapping
samfunObjective function for Sammon mapping, calculates derivatives as well
sammonMultidimensional scaling (SAMMON mapping)
samplotPlot function for Multidimensional scaling (SAMMON mapping)
savebindataSAVing BINary DATA to a file by appending variables
savebindata2SAVing BINary DATA to a file and provide the data with any name
savebindataspSAVing BINary DATA to a file with a Secure Protokoll
selectionhigh level SELECTion function
sellocalSELection in a LOCAL neighbourhood
selrwsSELection by Roulette Wheel Selection
selsusSELection by Stochastic Universal Sampling
seltourSELection by TOURnament
seltruncSELection by TRUNCation
simdopi1M-file description of the SIMULINK system named SIMDOPI1
simdopivSIMulation Modell of DOPpelIntegrator, s-function, Vectorized
simlinq1M-file description of the SIMULINK system named SIMLINQ1
simlinq2Modell of Linear Quadratic Problem, s-function
straddnameAdd a special name to a string/file name
straddtimeAdd a date and time string to a string base

tbx3binToolBoX function to define parameters for optimization of binary variables
tbx3compToolBoX function to define parameters for COMPeting subpopulation
tbx3es1ToolBoX function to define parameters for locally oriented optimization of real variables
tbx3guifun1ToolBoX function to define parameters for optimization, test of gui
tbx3intToolBoX function to define parameters for optimization of integer variables
tbx3moo1ToolBoX function to define parameters for multi-objective optimization 1
tbx3outputToolBoX function to define parameters for output on screen (visualization)
tbx3output2ToolBoX function to define parameters for output on screen (visualization) 2
tbx3permToolBoX function to define parameters for optimization of permutation variables
tbx3plot1ToolBoX function to define parameters for grafical display options
tbx3realToolBoX function to define parameters for optimization of real variables
tbx3sgaToolBoX function to define parameters for the Simple Genetic Algorithm (SGA)
tbx3silentToolBoX function to define parameters for no textual and graphical output during an optimization
tbx3steadygaToolBoX function to define parameters for the Steady State Genetic Algorithm (SSGA)
tbx3textlessToolBoX function to define parameters for a silent optimization (minimal output on screen)
terminatTERMINATion function
toolboxpathSet all paths for GEA toolbox (old version, obsolete, use path_gea instead)
tsp_readlibTSP utility function, reads TSPLIB data files
tsp_uscityTSP utility function, reads US City definitions

visuminmaxdiffCompute minimum and maximum of provided data and a scaling difference between both
vrpconvindConversion of individuals in routes and routes in individuals for the VRP
vrpgetdataGet the data for the example vehicle routing problems

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